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It's the long awaited sister to the TCAPSLoop (EdTech Loop) Google Update episode. The TechNollerGist dives Jacques Custeau deep into the latest and greatest with Google Classroom. 

These are a few of my favorite things…

Something old, some things new

Teach kids how to use Classroom effectively.

  • Project your process
  • Narrate your instructions
  • Rely on shoulder-partners
  • Clarify with Patience — We good? Everyone with me? Questions? Anyone not there?

Grading interface

  • Score — auto-record in Classroom
  • Comment bank — hashtags
  • Next! — or drop down menu
  • Private note — communicate directly with student; kid gets email
  • Return — one at a time, or all at once

Select by Topics/Table of Contents — April update

  • Depending on your screen size/resolution
  • Drop-down menu takes kids to specific location
  • Left-hand selectable menu
  • No more scrolling forever!

Post to top — April update

  • New work posts to top of lists
  • Works in newly classes only — get excited for the fall!

Student selector — May update

  • Only on mobile devices
  • If you’re in a district that allows iOS devices, Student Selector works!
  • Keeps teacher in the kid group!

Filter by Topic — April update

  • Topic as evolved into unit heading
  • Selects only the assignments under that topic
  • Important to give clear directions: Open your Classroom page / Go to the “Japanese Mythology” topic from the drop-down menu, or use the menu on the left / Open the “Connections” assignment.

Organize Stream

  • Move to top is back (as of February)
  • Using topics is a good way to avoid scrolling through the uncategorized, overpopulated Stream

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