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TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 18 - Good Advice

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 18...Good Advice
We share our top 10 "Moments of Zen" for new teachers in this weeks episode. From "Find Your Tribe" to "Find Your Balance" while "Not Forgetting to Play." Check out this inspiring article Danelle retweeted (curated) for more great ideas and inspiration.

We would love to hear your best advice @tcapsloop.

 Danelle roles out not one, but two Tech Tools of the Week! 1. The award winning NWEA Student Assessment Engagement Tool


So many great ideas for projects inside or outside the classroom!
Transcripts are still in the works...getting there.  Enjoy the show!

A weekly podcast hosted by Danelle Brostrom and Larry Burden and a cast of thousands spreading the good word regarding Traverse City Area Public Schools, Public Education and Education Technology.

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