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BiblioTech Episode 7: Summer Reads

BiblioTech Podcast Episode 7 ...Summer Reads iTunes     GooglePlay     Stitcher     Tune-In      RSS We've brewed the sun tea, donned the reader shades and positioned the deck chair for maximum solar exposure, because there's nothing better than a good summer read and Stephie is bringing the literary heat with some great suggestions for our youngest readers. Join your Public Library’s Summer Reading Club - locally visit Recruit a friend or family member to read the same book and discuss it Try a book in a different format - audio, online, print Read an award-winning book Get lost in a series Try a new genre - non-fiction, poetry, fiction, biography, etc. Read a book that became a movie Read aloud to a sibling or family member Rewrite the ending to a favorite book Find a podcast about your favorite author ( The Yarn is a great option) Read everyday! K-2 Suggestions 3-5 Suggestions More from the Loop Transcripts are still

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