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TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 69: Digital Literacy

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It's a special TCAPSLoop Podematic Universe crossover event with the Bibliotech Stephie Luyt focusing on "Digital Literacy."  Everytime we discuss Digital Literacy I can’t help but hear Michael Jackson singing “I always feel like somebody’s watching me!" from Rockwell’s 1984 hit. But you can trust that this is a safe online space and your privacy won’t be hacked by listening to this weeks episode.

Check out these links for some great #digcit ideas :
Tech Talk Tuesday NewsletteriPhone Screen Time UpdateBooks - If You Give a Mouse an iPhone, Blackout, Dot, The Filter Bubble, Fahrenheit 451School Library Journal Digital Citizenship WebinarHow Much Screentime is Too Much?How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against YouOur Digital Lives TEDtalks

Digital Citizenship Discussion Cards

Transcripts are still in the works...getting there.  Enjoy the show!
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